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Five best 2012 New Product Launches – #2 AMD Trinity

AMD has already proven the success of its Brazos and Llano APUs by being lower in cost and by being better in graphics than its rival. The Brazos was way better than Intel’s Atom offering, especially in the area of integrated graphics. The Llano APUs lagged in CPU performance, but competed well when it came to the integrated graphics performance. The success of Llano lied was not only in being cheaper but also being better in graphics performance. Intel closes this gap with the Ivy Bridge Launch. And this brings us to the Trinity.

Trinty brings a huge improvement ( close to 40%) in the graphics performance over its own Llano offering. And this is where it puts Intel’s Ivy Bridge to shame. Probably, Intel will have to wait till Haswell launch to be able to catch up AMD.

Windows 8 is going to be the next big thing in the 2012 launch

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