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Five best 2012 New Product Launches – #1 Ivy Bridge

Between now and December 31, there are at least 5 big launches being awaited eagerly by both the media and the gadget enthusiasts. Ivy Bridge is the earliest one among them.

When Intel launches Ivy bridge on Monday, April 23, 2012, it will create another milestone in processor performance, scale new heights in manufacturing with its 22 nm, 3D technology and will increase its leads in CPU performance over its nearest rival Advanced Micro Devices.

The CPU performance gains 10% clock to clock as compared to the previous Sandy Bridge Processors. The bigger story is the gain in the integrated graphics, which makes more than 50% jump it performance as compared to the integrated graphics in Sandy Bridge and comes. It also comes, for the first time, with the support for the DirectX 11.

What Ivy Bridge will not do is making its graphics competitive enough to stand a chance against the AMD’s Trinty – the next important launch of the 2012.

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