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Core i7-3770K Vs i7-2700K

– The Core i7-3770L belongs to the Intel’s Ivy Bridge series while the Core i7-2700K belongs to the earlier Sandy Bridge Series.

– Both these processors have the same base ( 3.50 GHz) and Turbo Clocks ( 3.90 GHz). Both are overclockable. However, with newer 22nm Lithography, you can expect to overclock i7-3770K a bit higher.

The i7-3770K has much better HD Graphics 4000 Vs Vs HD Graphics 3000 in i7-2700K. You can expect a 50% performance jump in the integrated graphics. This is the major benefit of the Ivy Bridge.

Table : Core i7-3770K Vs Core i7-2700K Feature Differences

Feature Core i7-3770K Core i7-2700K
Core Frequency 3.50 GHz 3.50 GHz
No. Of Cores 4 (8 Hyperthreads) 4 ( 8 Hyperthreads)
Cache Organization 8 MB L3 8 MB L3 Smart Cache
Turbo Frequency 3.90 GHz 3.9 GHz
TDP Rating 77 Watts 95 Watts
64 Bit Support Y Y
Lithography 22 nm 32 nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3-1600 /1333 DDR3-1333
Integrated Graphics Intel HD 4000 , 650 MHz Base, 1150 MHz Turbo HD Graphics 3000 Base 850 MHz, Turbo 1.35 GHz


Table : Core i7-3770K Vs Core i7-2700K Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks Core i7-3770K Core i7-2700K
PassMark CPU Mark Score
11500 10257
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better)
Not available  Not available
3D Mark 06 CPU
7170  7000
Windows 7 Experience Score
Not available  Not available


Some more details of Core i7-3770K

The Core i7-3770K bumps up the base clock frequency of the Core i7-3700 by 100 MHz. The Suffix K denotes officially unlockable part , and , owing to the 22 nm Ivy Bridge process. Given the same clock frequency, the Ivy Bridge processor is expected to provide 10 to 15% more improvement over the Sandy Bridge processor.

Some more details of Core i7-2700K

At $332, the Core i7-2700K is a good value for money, if you plan on using the processing power it provides. It has a high 3.5 GHz base clock making it great for extreme processing. You will need a good external graphics card, since, the Integrated HD 3000 is not great for high end computing.

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The i7-3770K belongs to Ivy Bridge. Check out the Ivy Bridge Architecture.

The i7-2700K belongs to Sandy Bridge. Check out the Sandy Bridge Architecture.

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