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Core i7-3770K Vs i5-3570K

Update 8/1/2012 – The table was incorrect in the Hyperthreading figures ( It has been updated). Bench mark results has also been updated.

– The Core i7-3770K as well as the i5-3570K belong to the Ivy Bridge group of processors that makes about 10% improvement the CPU performance ( clock to clock ) and close to 50% jump in the integrated graphics performance, when compared to Sandy bridge.
– The Core i7-3770K supports Hyperthreading that i5-3570K does not. Additionally, the Core i7-3570K is clocked 100 MHz higher. This makes Core i7-3770K better than the i5-3550K.

Table : Core i7-3770K Vs Core i5-3570K Feature Differences

Feature Core i7-3770K Core i5-3570K
Core Frequency 3.50 GHz 3.40 GHz
No. Of Cores 4 (  8  Hyperthreads) 4 (8 Hyperthreads)  (4 Hyperthreads) Thanks Ben for pointing the Typo
Cache Organization 8 MB L3 6 MB L3
Turbo Frequency 3.90 GHz 3.80 GHz
TDP Rating 77 Watts 77 Watts
64 Bit Support Y Y
Lithography 22 nm 22 nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3-1600 /1333 DDR3-1600 /1333
Integrated Graphics Intel HD 4000 , 650 MHz Base, 1150 MHz Turbo Intel HD 4000 , 650 MHz Base, 1150 MHz Turbo


Table : Core i7-3770K Vs Core i5-3570K Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks Core i7-3770K Core i5-3570K
PassMark CPU Mark Score
10370  7734
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better)
Not available Not available
3D Mark 06 CPU
Windows 7 Experience Score
Not available Not available


Some more details of Core i7-3770K

The Core i7-3770K bumps up the base clock frequency of the Core i7-3700 by 100 MHz. The Suffix K denotes officially unlockable part , and , owing to the 22 nm Ivy Bridge process. Given the same clock frequency, the Ivy Bridge processor is expected to provide 10 to 15% more improvement over the Sandy Bridge processor.

Some more details of Core i5-3570K

The Core i5-3570K belongs to the Ivy Bridge group of processors which makes significant improvement in the integrated graphics using its HD Graphics 4000. The newer 22 nm manufacturing process promises better power envelope performance. In CPU area, you can expect a 10% performance improvement over Sandy Bridge.

Further Suggested Readings

Since both these processors belong to Ivy Bridge we suggest that you Check out the Ivy Bridge Architecture.

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  1. Ben says:

    I think the Hyperthreading figure has been swapped between the two processors. The i5 does not support Hyperthreading, i7 does.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Ben for pointing this out. The Typo has been corrected.

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