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Core i7-2640M – Intel Processor

The Core i7-2640M is the most recent processor introduced by Intel that supersedes the younger brother Core i7-2620M. The processor is clocked normally at 2.8 GHz but its clock frequency can raise to 3.5 GHz using the Turbo 2.0 of Sandy Bridge.

Table : Core i7-2640M Features and Specs

Feature Core i7-2640M
Core Frequency 2.8 GHz
No. Of Cores 2 (4 Hyperthreads)
Cache Organization 512KB L2 + 4 MB L3 Smart Cache
Turbo Frequency 3.50 GHz
TDP Rating 35 Watts
64 Bit Support Y
Lithography 32 nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3-1333
Integrated Graphics Yes, Base 650 MHz, Turbo 1.30 GHz

Table : Core i7-2640M Benchmarking

Benchmarks Core i7-2640M
PassMark Score 3628
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better) 26 seconds
3D Mark 06 CPU Not available
Windows 7 Experience Score 7.4

Some more details of Core i7-2640M


The core i7-2640M, is the successor to the Core i7-2630M bumbing its base and the turbo frequency by 100 MHz . You should therefore exect a performance improvement of the order of 3%. Based on the second generation Sandy Bridge processor, Core i7-2640 is expected to appear in a smaller number of notebooks because of its higher price tag. ant performance with its integrated GPU. The integrated GPU of this processor take a quantum jump in performance as compared to the 1st generation core i7 processors. The GPU has a base clock of 650 MHz and with turbo, its frequency can ramp to 1.30 GHz.

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