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Two years ago, took a risky decision of generating processor comparison pages that were automatically generated from a database. Initial response was very encouraging and we got a sudden spurt in traffic as well as revenue.

However, the traffic soon, started going down as, google some how did not like the automatically generated pages. At that point, we did not really understand the cause of the downfall.

More recently we started making some small changes in the website, to see if these will bear any positive impact. The first thing we did was disavow the links. Although all the links that we looked into were genuine, many came from foreign language websites. Though these perfectly legitimate, we suspected that google might be penalizing the site based upon these links. We therefore, decided to disown most of the links from foreign language website.

The second decision we took was to remove the webpages that were created automatically from database. There were close to 2000 pages that we decided to remove. Google has slowly but gradually started de indexing these pages. This can be checked using and checking the number of results in the search. It looks like google is de indexing about 10 pages per day. We would have liked google to removed these faster but, we can only hope.

The third decision we took was to restart posting processor comparison again. We will start analyzing popular processors. We will analyze their specifications, benchmarks and other parameter and will post these on our website.

We have already started seeing some positive results. The web traffic has started inching a little up, though it is too early to say anything about it and t can take either direction in future. But we optimistic and hopeful and will keep our finger crossed as we keep our site improving.

We will do our best to bring you the most relevant information as we compare the processors.

One thing we noticed was the removal of the bar color in the processor comparison pages. This was the side affect of removing the automatically generated pages. The error is being rectified.

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