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Best Desktop Processor recommendations Q2 2012 #2 Celeron G530

At $49, Celeron G530 is one of the best choices for budget computing. It belongs to the Sandy bridge series which brings some decent performance. With two cores clocked at 2.40 GHz, it is only marginally inferior to the Pentium G620 and still comes with the HD Graphics 2000 integrated GPU.

For budget customers, it may still be great choice for gaming if you want to use the saved money for a $100 graphics card. If you are not into gaming, you still get a great dual display capability, thanks to the Sandy Bridge architecture.


– Low cost – only $49.99
– Entry level integrated graphics – HD Graphics 3000
– Modest performance, not bad with Dual core 2.40 GHz


– Does not support Hyperthreading, limited overclocking
– Need external GPU for high end gaming

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