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i7-6700HQ vs i7-4720HQ

The Intel’s Core i7-6700HQ belongs to the Skylake series launched in the third quarter of 2015 about 6 months later than the Haswell’s i7-4720HQ. Obviously you expect the Skylake’s Core i7-6700HQ to be faster. Let us take a look at quick specification of the two processors. Table : i7-6700HQ vs i7-4720HQ Feature Differences Feature i7-6700HQ i7-4720HQ Core Frequency 2.60 GHz 2.60 GHz No. Of Cores 4 ( 8 Hyperthreads 4 (8 Hyperthreads) Cache Organization 6 MB 6 MB Turbo Frequency 3.50 GHz 3.60 GHz TDP Rating 45 Watts 47 Watts 64 Bit Support Y Y Lithography 14 nm 22 nm Integrated Memory Controller DDR4 2133 DDR3L 1333/1600 Integrated Graphics HD Graphics 530 HD Graphics 4600 The two processors have the same number of cores and both support Hyperthreading. The Turbo clock frequency is a tad higher … Read entire article »

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Two years ago, took a risky decision of generating processor comparison pages that were automatically generated from a database. Initial response was very encouraging and we got a sudden spurt in traffic as well as revenue. However, the traffic soon, started going down as, google some how did not like the automatically generated pages. At that point, we did not really understand the cause of the downfall. More recently we started making some small changes in the website, to see if these will bear any positive impact. The first thing we did was disavow the links. Although all the links that we looked into were genuine, many came from foreign language websites. Though these perfectly legitimate, we suspected that google might be penalizing the site based upon these … Read entire article »

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AMD A10-7300 Vs Intel i5-4200U

So what will you like ? A faster processor or a faster graphics ? The choice is difficult. The following youtube will help you make a decision. … Read entire article »

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Intel Core i5-4460 vs i5-4590

We will discuss the Intel’s Core i5-4460 with the i5-4590 in this blog. Price The Core i5-4460 is priced t $188 at Amazon The Core i5-4590 is priced t $198 at Amazon Is the $10 extra for i5-4590 justified for i5-4590 ? You will know in this video. … Read entire article »

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AMD E1 6010 Vs Core i3

If you are looking for low power processors with decent graphics, AMD’s E1-6010 is one of the low cost options with you. It competes with the low end Intel’s Core i3 processors and in this blog we will discuss the advantages of the E1-6010 with respect to core i3. The discussion will be based upon the video posted below. While it is true that the processor performance of Intel’s core i3 outperform that of AMD’s E1-6010, the discussion will not be complete without the integrated graphics comparison. The E1-6010 comes with Radeon R2 series Graphics clocked at 350 MHz. The integrated graphics performance is somewhere between the HD Graphics (Bay Trail) and HD Graphics (Haswell). This processor is therefore not for gaming. You will not be able to play games even … Read entire article »

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HD Graphics 3000 Vs 4000 – Quick Sync and Video Encoding

Quick Sync is the on chip hardware video encode and decode engine to make it competitive against other GPUs. A hardware video encode is typically 10x faster than the corresponding software only video encode. The video encode depends upon the number of graphics cores and therefore, as Intel increased the number of graphics cores from 12 in HD Graphics 3000 to 16 in HD Graphics 4000, there naturally was gain in the performance of video encode. Video encoding is one of the best reasons to get a better graphics. Needless to say, Intel did not disappoint with Quick Sync. The Quick Sync newer HD Graphics 4000 now allow selectable tradeoff between image quality and performance. Selecting the Better Quality option increases the bitrate which eventually results in increased … Read entire article »

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HD Graphics 3000 Vs 4000 – gaming

While benchmarks reveal the comparative scores, it does not really tell real life gaming performance. In the table below we have presented the gaming comparison of the two integrated graphics. Game Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel HD Graphics 3000 CoD: Modern Warfare 3 (2011) – Medium Setting 45 fps 32 fps Batman: Arkham City (2011) – Medium Setting 44 fps 31 fps StarCraft 2 (2010) Medium Setting 33 fps 19 fps Metro 2033 (2010) – Medium setting 23 13 Dirt 3 (2011) – Medium 42 fps 26 fps Here are the same thing presented in the form of horizontal bar for ease of reading. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 (2011) – Medium Setting HD 4000 45 HD 3000 32 CoD: Modern Warfare 3 (2011) – Medium Setting HD 4000 44 HD 3000 31 … Read entire article »

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HD Graphics 3000 Vs 4000 – benchmarks

In the previous post we presented quick specification of HD Graphics 3000 and 4000. We had compared it qualitatively and pointed out some of the feature differences. At the end of the day, you need numbers to tell how fast is HD Graphics 4000 with respect to 3000. The Table below throws out some figures. Table : Related Processors comparison Feature Differences Features Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel HD Graphics 3000 3DMark 06 6799 3526 3D Mark Vantage GPU 3098 1390 3DMark11 P GPU 609 NA Cinebench R10 32Bit OpenGL 7447 4637 Cinebench R11.5 OpenGL 25 8.7 Here are the same results in the form of horizontal bars that makes an easy read. 3DMark 06 HD 4000 6799 HD 3000 3526 3D Mark Vantage GPU HD 4000 3098 HD 3000 1390 Cinebench R10 32Bit OpenGL HD 4000 7447 HD 3000 4637 Cinebench R11.5 … Read entire article »

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HD Graphics 3000 Vs 4000

Since 2012, More than 90% of notebooks and more than 80% of the desktops have integrated GPUs. The Integrated graphics are obviously, less powerful than the dedicated graphics processors ( GPUs for short) or the video cards ( in desktops). Intel started integrating Graphics capability inside its processors, starting with its Arrandale processors launched in 2010. Graphics capability in Arrandale ( called HD Graphics) was embarrassingly slow. It was not for any gaming and did not have anything worth mentioning in terms of video encoding or multi display capability. Arrandale processors were two die solution. Next year in 2011, when Intel launched Sandy Bridge, it moved the processor and graphics in a single die. The graphics – called HD Graphics 3000 was not embarrassingly slow but not something great for gamers. … Read entire article »

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Core i5-4200M Vs i5-4500U

The i5-4200M is a regular power notebook processor while the i5-4500U is a low power notebook processor. It is not an apple to apple comparison, in the sense that, the low power notebook processor are especially intended for thinner laptops and also for low power consumption ( and therefore thinner batteries or longer battery lives). However, there may be instances where you have the option purchasing a regular laptop and a thinner laptop. We expect that the details underlined below will help you take informed decision. In terms of base clock frequency the Core i5-4200U is much slower, however, it makes up quite a bit of it with turbo clock frequency. The benchmark score shows that the i5-4200M is slightly better in performance. Check out more descriptive details in the … Read entire article »

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