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Bulldozer Vs Llano Vs Sandy Bridge – Desktop Processors

If you are out for building a current State of Art desktop system, you basically have three choices

– Bulldozer processor from AMD

– Llano APUs from AMD

– Sandy Bridge from Intel

Each has its own pros and cons. We will give you a quick comparison. At the end of the day, it will also depend upon the individual model that you choose. You may like to take a look at the list of these processor ( Given at the end of this article).

Bulldozer processors are different from Llano and Sandy Bridge in that they do not have Integrated Graphics. They have a different type of architecture and the processor consist of modules and cores. Each module has two cores.  A module has one Floating point  unit and two integer cores. The integer cores have their own L2 Cache while the integer as well as floating point share a common L3 Cache. AMD counts the cores and uses this figure to tell number of cores in the processor.

Bulldozer processors are fast and they perform especially well in multithreaded environment. However, the top of the line Bulldozer processor, still lags behind the Intel’s top of the line Sandy Bridge processors. In price point the Bulldozers still may be advantageous. The Sandy Bridge desktop processor have added advantage of having Integrated Graphics. The problem with the integrated graphics in the Sandy Bridge is that they are decent but not good enough for gaming. If you are a gamer, you will need the graphics card any way. This is where bulldozers can be good – especially the price point at which they are offered.

The lack of graphics performance brings us to the third series of processor – the Llano APUs from AMD. The Llano APUs have integrated graphics and they graphics have double the performance of the integrated graphics in the Sandy Bridge. You will however have to sacrifice a bit of the processing power if you plan to go with the Llano.

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