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Breaking News – iPad 3 to have A5X Processor ?

Update :

We have so far, the following information about A5X

– The A5X will have dual core processor. Unfortunately many websites are also reporting it as quad core. This does not seem correct.

– The A5X will have quad core GPU ( the quad core GPU is being cofused for quad core CPU). The increased GPU power is required to drive the resolution of the new iPad that has been quardpled as compared to the iPad 2 resolution.

A decade ago, the source of all the breaking news used to be US based insiders and websites like that had so called “moles” in AMD and Intel,  reporting movements from within the company.

In the recent times that the source of information has shifted to far east in China, where the regards for the NDA is scant. Whether it is the leak of the Haswell slides or the list of Ivy Bridge processors or other, all source point to “reliable sources” in China.

And the latest source of the news is yet another forum in China, not necessarily original but certainly authentic. The processor in the iPad 3 is going to be A5X if the picture of the “logic board” released in the forum is to be believed.

So far, the processors were named A4, A5 etc and it was expected earlier that the new part will be named at A6. But the source of information tells otherwise.

The processor pictured has a date code of “1146” that corresponds to week 46 of 2011 or the Nov 14 6o 20, 2011.

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