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Best Desktop Processor recommendations Q2 2012 – #5 Core i5-2500K

Our final recommendation is Intel’s best seller core i5-2500K. At $219 it is still within the capacity of most buyers. It looks like many customers buy this beast, even when they do not need or do not user the powers of this processors.

As a reminder, this is a fully overclockable processor ( notice the K in the suffix). If you do nit know what is overclocking or know but do not plan to used overclocking, or are unsure about it, please save youself some money by potentially going to non overclockable core i5 or core i3 or for that matter Pentium and Celeron Sandy Bridge processors.

This processor comes with HD Graphics 3000, which is good but still not enough for gaming. You will still need a gaming card. The typical class of the users for this processor will be software developers who need to compile a lot of code a lot of time. Or for that matter anyone who runs a program that takes over few seconds to complete. The core i5-2500K will enhance your efficiency in that case. Note that less than 1% users fall in this category.

You may like to notice that Ivy bridge launch may bring down the cost of this processor. Or there may be better options available when Ivy Bridge launches. It will have better HD Graphics 4000 in case you need it.


– Great for performance computing, overclocking
– Priced reasonably for its performance.


– For gaming HD Graphics 3000 is still not great

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