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Best Desktop processor Recommendation for Q2, 2012 – #1 Pentium G620

To help readers choose desktop processors suitable for their tasks, compare-processors has decided to shortlist processors that provide the best value for the money.

Today’s list consist of 5 best processors for budget computing. While the Ivy Bridge is around the corner, we do not see any launch of the budget Ivy Bridge processors in sight. Obviously Ivy Bridge processors do not find in this list. Let is take a look.

Pentium G620

The Pentium G630 is a dual core Sandy Bridge processor clocked at 2.60 GHz. At $69.99, it is one of the lowest priced processors, that you can buy and still do not need a graphics card, provided you are not into gaming. The Pentium G620 comes with integrated HD Graphics 2000, which is still great for a smooth dual display. Do not be befooled about the performance comaprison with Core i7 or Core i5. True, they will outsmart Pentium G620 in benchmark – but do you really need that performance. Ask 100s of millions of iPad users if they complain about its performance. And if you are still confused, compare this processor with any notebook processor – chances are it will be clocked lower than 2.60 GHz and will have lower performance than the Pentium G620.

Pair it with a $60 LGA 1555 mother board and you are all set for a decent desktop processor.

- Low cost – only $69.99
- Entry level integrated graphics – HD Graphics 3000
- Modest performance, Dual core 2.60 GHz


- Does not support Hyperthreading, limited overclocking
- Need external GPU for high end gaming

But this is not the least cost processors that recommends. Check out next.

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9 Response

  1. Mr Corey says:

    This is as confusing as it is misleading.

  2. Lipsum says:

    What exactly do you find confusing ? I think the message is straigtforward – the low end processors of the latest architecture provide best value for money.

  3. appy131 says:

    When do we get the Ivy Bridge Pentiums ?

    1. yousuck says:


      These will be Pentium G640T, Pentium G860T clocked at 2.4GHz, 2.6GHz respectively. Expect them to be released in 4Q 2012. I do not have a date though.

  4. jesus says:

    que porquería de procesador lo que quieren es sacarlos al mercado para que no se les queden

    1. yousuck says:

      jusus you suck. If you can not post in Ingles, stay away. It is an Ingles post.

  5. alex says:

    If you follow Moore’s Law – you can get same price processor with double performance after two year.

  6. itsucks says:

    The only law that I know is that – Every time I buy a faster laptop it gets slow.

  7. gavind says:

    You got a point right there buddy. It becomes slow becomes applications exponentially grows, this means, it demands a lot of processing power. In choosing processors, you need to consider what you will be doing and what you might be doing in the future.

    If it’s just plain browsing, today, you will have the best value for your money with using i3. I’m techie, but I only use i3. :)

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