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In the previous post, we had compared AMD’s A6-4400M with the Intel’s i5-3210M. Let is take a look at the difference from benchmark point of view.

Table : Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks A6-4400M Core i5-3210M
PassMark CPU Mark Score 2670 3900
Super Pi 2M Not available 30 seconds
3D Mark 06 CPU 1811 3580
Windows 7 Experience Score 5.6 7.1

Here are the same results in terms of the Horizontal bars for easy visualization.

PassMark CPU Mark Score Benchmark

A6-4400M 2670
Core i5-3210M 3900

3D Mark 06 CPU Benchmark

A6-4400M 1811
Core i5-3210M 3580

Windows 7 Experience Score Benchmark

A6-4400M 5.6
Core i5-3210M 7.1

Clearly, Intel puts AMD to shame, at least in the processor core performance. AMD still has a better graphics, but if you are really interested in a better graphics you may like to get a notebook with a discrete graphics like Nvidia 650m with it.

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