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AMD Athlon II X4 638 and Athlon ii 641 introduced

It takes a lot of effort and establish a brand name and from the marketing perspective it is stupid to relinquish a brand name that takes years to establish. So when the Llano APU was introduced, what would AMD do with the Athlon and Sempron brand names that it did not got rid of, even when it introduced a complete new 64 bit multi processor architecture with integrated memory controller.

AMD’s marketing devised the brilliant idea. Llano APUs have CPU as well as the GPU in built. The manufacturing process must have produced some chips with non functional GPU. AMD will just disable the GPU, rebrand it as Athlon ii part and sell it – utilizing its Athlon ii brand name. And if demand exceeds the supply, may be, just disable the GPU on a working chip and sell it as Athlon ii.

The Llano models use FM1 socket and so does the Athlon ii branded processors based upon Llano APUs ( with GPU disabled). AMD has earlier introduced Athlon ii 631 (4 cores 2.6 GHz) and Athlon ii 651 ( 4 cores 3.0 GHz).

AMD has quietly introduced two new processors from the older Athlon ii Series – the Athlon II X4 638 and Athlon ii 641. All this while AMD inches closer to the launch of the Trinity APUs sometimes in the end of Q2, 2012.

Athlon ii X4 638 has clock rate of 2.7 GHz while the Athlon ii X4 641 is 2.8 GHz part.

Table : Athlon II X4 638 Vs Athlon II X4 641 Feature Differences

Feature Athlon II X4 638 Athlon II X4 641
Core Frequency 2.70 GHz 2.80 GHz
No. Of Cores 4 4
Cache Organization 4 MB L2 4 MB L2
Turbo Frequency No Turbo No Turbo
TDP Rating 65 Watts 100 Watts
64 Bit Support Y Y
Lithography 32 nm 32 nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3 DDR3
Integrated Graphics No Integrated Graphics No Integrated Graphics

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