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Asus X53U-FS11 for $259

Frys has the ASUS X53U-FS11 laptop for $259 available through its stores. It is not something you can order online. You will have to check your store for availability and pick up from your local store.

The good thing about this notebook is that it is a regular notebook with 15.6 inch screen – and comes surprisingly with an HDMI connection. It has webcam as well and decent 320 GB Hard Disk.

Unfortunately, its C-60 processor is just basic one – but still good enough for entry level tasks like email checking, surfing, browsing, document editing. But this is what most of us do 99% of time. The notebook is still better than a tablet in the sense that it comes with regular keyboard and you can run x86 applications. But throw any multitasking program or heavy applications and you will feel the lag. The specification of the processor is as follows.

Table : AMD C-60 Features and Specs

Feature AMD C-60
Core Frequency 1 GHz
No. Of Cores 2
Cache Organization 1 MB L2 + 128 KB L1
Turbo Frequency 1.33 GHz
TDP Rating 9 Watts
64 Bit Support Y
Lithography 40 nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3-1066
Integrated Graphics Yes, integrated Radeon HD 6290

The AMD’s E-450 at 1.65 GHz ( dual core) could have been better. But at this price you can not complain. Fry’s often brings the deals and you may like to wait for the right deal if you are looking for a notebook with faster processor.

The notebook is available here. You can find other deals here.

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3 Response

  1. thin12 says:

    I live in MA and there are no Fry’s stores in my State.

  2. alex says:

    Fry’s also has Lenovo G570 (4334-EAU) with Intel Core i3-2370 – available for $349. You can order this one online.

  3. pilu23 says:

    If you go to AMD website, this notebook is listed for $359 ( not being sold be AMD – but by guess what – Fry’s).

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