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Asus X401A-RPK4 for $329

Update 7/30/2012

– The deal has expired.

The Asus X401A-RPK4 is available for just $329.99 at Best Buy and comes with some good and some not so good features.

The thing that we do not like is the absence of the DVD reader writer that many like to write optical drive. DVD drive is getting obsolete and the sooner you make a habit of living without it, the better. The DVD drives have their own utility, for example, viewing movies on DVD writers and installing programs that come on a DVD drive. If your system crashes and you have Windows DVD, it provides a method of re installation of system that you are used to. Not that other methods do not exist – for example – booting the system using a USB zip drive or through network drive – but again, this is something you will have to learn – you may look at our Series and comes with integrated graphics. You will not be able to play high end games but the display will be smooth. The CPU core is dual core clocked at 2.3 GHz. Basically its performance is slightly less ( 10%) than the corresponding Core i3 Sandy Bridge ( mainly because its Hyperthreading is disabled. It is still a decent processor and is great for all your daily needs.

Other than that the quick specs are

– 14″ Display
– 4 GB DDR3
– 320 GB Hard drive
– 0.3 MP webcam
– Multi Card reader

The Link to the Bestbuy is here.

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4 Response

  1. Mark says:

    Pink color looks girlish. Do they have different colors ?

    1. Stitch0626 says:

      Yes it comes in deep blue and lime green too. Seems like a decent deal and the reviews are pretty good.

  2. Noob says:

    There is no DVD in it – does it mean it is an ultrabook ?

    1. asuslover says:

      no. but it does mimic an ultrabook. its nearly as light as an ultrabook and much cheaper but it is not an ultrabook.

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