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Asus Transformer Prime Vs iPad 2 – Benchmark

Here are some of the benchmark results comparing Asus Transformer Prime with Apple iPad 2. Obviously, the Transformer Prime trashes iPad 2 in every aspect.

Table : Core i5-3450 Vs Core i5-2400 Feature Differences

Test Asus Transformer Prime
Apple iPad 2
Rightware Browser Mark

(Higher is Better)

103770 101600
Sunspider Javascript Benchmark

(Lower is better)

1695 1807

The benchmarks were taken from Anandtech. It looks like the benchmarks did not take full advantage of all the four cores when required. In typical Android usage if you have more processes running in background, you will see the gap between the Tegra 3 and Apple widen.

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  1. says:

    The scores are close, but in the Prime’s favour. However, these scores cannot be trusted because at the time these tests were conducted, IceCream Sandwich wasn’t released for the Prime (and it won’t be until January 12th). This means that these benchmarks were put into place while the Prime was running Honeycomb, an OS which was not ready for quad-core hardware. IceCream sandwich is said to be optimized for quad-core so until it comes out it would be unfair to conduct benchmarks that make the Prime ALMOST comparable to iPad2 in score (which its not). The Prime is the better of the two by far.

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