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Asus Transformer Prime Vs Apple iPad 2 in Picture

Asus Transformer Prime Vs Apple iPad 2 in Picture

With the anticipated shipping of the Asus Transformer Prime in December end, has captured the comparison with ipad 2 in picture.

1. Dimensions and Size

The sizes of the two Tablets are about the same. The Transformer is more likely to be used in Horizontal position – this is especially  true if you are going to use the dock that comes with the Transformer.


2. Weight

The weight of the Transformer Prime is about the same as the iPad 2. Transformer Prime is only marginally better.

3. Processor

The most significant improvement that Transformer Prime provides over the iPad 2 is the fast quad core Tegra 3 processor.


The HDMI port is one of the reasons you may like to prefer Asus Transformer over iPad 2. Hook the Transformer to the HDTV and enjoy the video and picture with your family and friends.


5. Display

From purely specification perspective the Transformer prime looks better. However, we will need to wait till the launch of the Transformer Prime to make and objective assessment. Apple iPad’s display isremarkably crisp, vivid, and bright and it will be tough for anyone to compete in this area.

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