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Asus TF101-A1 Eee Pad 10.1 inch for $179

One issue with the Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet is its smaller 7 inch screen size, otherwise a great product for $199. If you wish a larger screen and still pay less, you have a chance to get 10.1 inch Asus TF101-A1 at just $179.

However, the TF101-A1 comes with dual core Tegra 2 processor. The Intel’s Nexus 7 has quad core Tegra 3 processor which makes it much more responsive. This is not something your will notice, since, the browser and internet connection speed are much slower masking the processor speed difference.

You can check the deal at cowboom here. One drawaback of this deal is that -it is not brand new. It is a pre owned Tablet that usually does not has defects but you never know.

You can check other deals by here. we continuously monitor the deals and mark them when they expire.

All tablet deals can be found here.

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3 Response

  1. mulaw says:

    You can get the Acer Iconia Tab A100-07U08W for $149 from Walmart.

  2. xterra says:


    Yes I checked the deal but

    – It is a 7 inch Tablet – not 10 inch that I was looking
    – It is a dual core Tegra 2 not the quad core Tegra 3.

  3. appy131 says:

    Let me tell you frankly – there is nothing like a smooth experience with the Apple iPad. I will suggest that you look at the iPad 2 ( not the new iPad 3) – you get its for $399 – brand new. Or may be refurbished one for $349. Check your local craigslist – they may have it even cheaper.

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