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Annual Revenue – Gap between Intel and AMD widening has compiled the comparative study of the annual revenue of Intel and AMD for previous 4 years. In 2008, Intel was 6.47 times as big as AMD. The recession hit in 2009 and Intel as well as AMD suffered in terms of revenue.  The parity between the Intel and AMD was still maintained. Intel was 6.50 time bigger than AMD.

The 2010 started seeing some economic recovery. The revenue of Intel as well as AMD grew.  However, Intel Grew faster than AMD and the ratio of Intel with respect to AMD widened to 6.72.

The 2011 saw significant growth in processor market – and Intel as well as AMD expanded. However, the gap between the two widened. The Intel is now as big as 8.22 times AMD.

What will happen in 2012 – it is difficult to guess. Intel is doing well with its Sandy Bridge processor and Ivy Bridge is round the corner.  The equation does not seem to change in the first two halves of 2012. Will trinity change the equation in the second half ?

Let us revisit this an year from now.

Table : Annual Revenue, Intel Vs AMD

Year Intel AMD Ratio of Intel to AMD Revenue
2008 $37.568 bn $5.808 bn 6.47
2009 $35.127 bn $5.403 bn 6.5
2010 $43.623 bn $6.494 bn 6.72
2011 $53.999 bn $6.568 bn 8.22

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  1. Spit says:

    If you however, look at the AMD revenue, it still keeps rising over the years. Intel just rose faster.

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