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AMD Zacate APU architecture

The Zacate processors attempts to serve the needs  of the huge market  for the low cost notebooks, netbooks and entry level low cost desktops. The Zacate line of processor has been the best selling processor for AMD in 2011 and the trend continues in 2012. Along with the Llano fusion Accelerated APU, it has been able to lift revenue for AMD when bulldozer failed to deliver .

The basic premise in the Zacate APU design puts the low power consumption, integration of the CPU and the GPU, small die and cost as its primary aim. The GPU performance in Zacate is better than any other competition in the price it is offered. The systems based upon Intel’s Atom are no match to the AMD’s Zacate, as we will see later in the article.

Let us take a look at the different components of the Brazos, the CPU, its graphics, the platform, the power consumption. We will start with CPU. Click Next to read more.

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  1. lowend says:

    Zacate attempts to answer the needs of the majority of the notebook users most of the time. Who is a common notebook user and what does he do with it most of the time ? Do not think of a small number of gamers who play high end games, or for that matter, minority geeks who need to compile the linux kernel on daily basis. The common user consists of persons who use it for emails, browsing, reading CNN news, facebook, chat, checking yahoo finance, downloading pictures from their digital camera, occasionally watching movies and possibly editing some document. Do you think they need a high end Intel core i7 machine ? The simple answer is – they don’t. All they care is – to be able to boot the machine quick, launch browser and do their task – end of story.

    And Brazos is more than enough to satisfy their need, at a price they can afford. You can go ahead and buy Macbook Air, but that would cost you $1200 and it will be doing the same task that Brazos based system will do at one third of price sans possibly the beauty and looks of the Macbook Air.

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