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AMD Vs Intel – Number of Employees

According to the latest data that we have, Intel has about 9 times the number of Employees that AMD has. AMD has successively downsized in the recent years to cut its cost.

AMD also divested its Fab Manufacturing to Global Foundaries, which reduced its Head count. The slowdown forced AMD to seek avenues of cost reduction and some of the steps it took included automation of its platform verification, outsourcing its task in low cost geographies, and doing away with the chipset and platform designs.

However, AMD is slightly better in terms of revenue per employee which is at $591,000 per employee as compared to $539,000 per employee for Intel.

Let us take a look at the market capitalization figure – another term of the total worth of the companies as governed by the stock market.

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  1. Denis says:

    Where does the data about employee numbers come from? What are the sources?

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