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AMD Radeon HD 6620G vs 6520G

AMD Radeon HD 6620G VS 6520G

The AMD Radeon HD 6620G and the HD 6520G are part of the integrated graphics of the AMD’s Llano APUs. The main difference is that  the Radeon HD 6620G has 400 shaders while the 6520G has 320 shaders. You should therefore expect a perfromance difference of the order of 10%.

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Table 1 : AMD Radeon HD 6620G Vs HD 6520M

Feature AMD Radeon HD 6620G
AMD Radeon HD 6520G
Core / Shader Frequency 400 MHz 400 MHz
No. of Pipeline / Shaders/Cores
400 320
Direct X Support
DirectX 11, Shader 5.0 DirectX 11, Shader 5.0
Lithography 32 nm 32 nm
Memory Speed


Table 2 : AMD Radeon HD 6620G Vs 6520G Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks AMD Radeon HD 6620G AMD Radeon HD 6520G
3DMark 03- 1024×768 resolution
15000 14000
3DMark 05- 1024×768 resolution 8600 8400
Windows 7 Experience Index – Gaming Graphics
Cinebench R11.5 15.1


Table 3 : AMD Radeon HD 6620G Vs HD 6520G gaming Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks AMD Radeon HD 6620G Radeon HD 6520G

Fifa 11 – 2010 ( high)  52 fps 37 fps
Mafia 2 – 2010 – High

26 fps 23 fps
Colin McRae: DIRT 2 (2009) – medium
 29 fps 25 fps

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2 Response

  1. Vadim says:

    What about memory?
    and will it make realy big difference?
    what shell I take.. intel core i3(maybe i5 if it will be abound £380 – £430) with intel HD 3000 and 4GB ram
    AMD radeon quad core A6 with AMD Radeon HD 6520G and 6 GB ram?
    thank you

    1. John says:

      If you want the faster processor as far as CPU speed, then go intel, however the AMD has a better GPU with much better graphics. You really don’t need a tremendous amount of CPU speed unless maybe you plan to produce music or something. My vote would be the AMD Radeon, also I’m sure the AMD is much cheaper.

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