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AMD Radeon HD 6520G

AMD A6-3400M AMD A6-3400M Vs Core i3-2310M AMD A6-3400M Vs Core i5-2410M Radeon HD 6520G

The AMD Radeon HD 6520G is NOT a separate discrete Graphics component. It is part of the AMD’s APUs ( Accelerated Processing Units). If you are not familiar, APU is the new term coined by AMD to denote its fusion processors that combine the processor and the graphics. Most of us ( including till loosely use the term processor and APU interchangeably when we actually meant the APU.

Some examples of the APUs in which the Radeon HD 6520G in integrated includes the A6-3400 and the A6-3410X. The Radeon HD 6520G has 320 of the 400 shader cores and is clocked at 400MHz. There are few drawbacks in the architecture of the Radeon HD 6520G which leads to somewhat slower performance compared to the Intel’s HD 3000 integrated controller. The Radeon HD 6520G does not share the cache memory with the processor. It also does has no dedicated graphics memory.

The UVD3 video decoder in the Radeon HD 6520G is capable of decoding MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, o Multi-View Codec (MVC) and MPEG-4 part 2 HD videos.

With the Radeon 6520G we are able to see the performance of the same level as the entry level dedicated graphics cards. It helps reduce the cost of the system while providing an acceptable entry level gaming performance.

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