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AMD Radeon HD 6520G vs Intel HD Graphics 3000

The Radeon HD6520G from AMD as well as the Intel HD Graphics 3000 are integrated parts of their respective processors. The Radeon HD6520G forms part of the Llano APU, while the HD Graphics 3000 are mostly part of the Sandy Bridge processor.

The Radeon HD 6520G is, without any doubt, better than the Intel HD 3000 graphics. In the two tables below will compare some of the features and the benchmarking that establishes the superiority of the Radeon HD 6520G.

You may also like to notice that some games are CPU intensive. In such cases the In such case the benchmark may reflect the result of the CPU/GPU combined.

Table 1 : Specification Comparison

Feature AMD Radeon HD 6520G
Intel HD Graphics 3000
Core / Shader Frequency 400 MHz 350-1350  MHz
No. of Pipeline / Shaders/Cores
320 12
Direct X Support
DirectX 11, Shader 5.0 DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1
Lithography 32 nm 32 nm

In the next post we will see how the benchmark results of these two processors align.

Further suggested reading

- We strongly suggest that you check out the architecture of the following architectures, since these graphics are parts of the CPU – GPU Combo.

Llano APU Architecture
Sandy Bridge Architecture

- You may also like to check out the following where these graphics cards are compared with other comparable graphics – the Radeon is here and HD Graphics 3000 is here.

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14 Response

  1. Vadim says:

    does processor affects the graphics card? I mean as better the processor better graphics… as slower processor graphics are worser… isn’t it?

  2. Charlee says:

    well ofc. a good graphic card does need a good processor to work the whole way, bad processor + good graphics= half good performance and the same the other way, that’s why they both need too be well balanced to each others capabilities to work properly and with full performance capability.

    1. Joe says:

      Agreed. I’d always load the computer, whether desktop or laptop, with as much memory as it will hold providing you can afford it; both my desktop and laptop are maxed out at 8 GB – my desktop’s HD 6670 has 1 GB on-card RAM and my laptop’s HD 6520G shares 512 MB of system RAM. Providing plenty of RAM will always have beneficial effects on your graphics performance, no matter what GPU you’re using.

  3. Shaun says:

    Also, Memory speed affects the HD3000 as well. I have a MBP 17″ with the 2820qm 2.3ghz i7 and am running the kingston PnP Hyper x 1867mhz 8GB and notice the HD 3000 gets about a 20-30% boost from the increased memory speed.

    Yes, usually the better the CPU the better the GPU will run.

  4. adam says:

    Im not really good with laptops so i was planning to buy 1 soon too for my university work and play good games with details like world of warcraft, sky rim and soon guild wars 2.
    I have came across 2 laptops both toshiba and could u help me out which to buy because they are both the same price and what i can afford.

    1)Toshiba L750D-14E Laptop (AMD A6, 6GB, 640GB, 15.6″ Display):
    Memory Capacity 6GB
    Graphics Type Shared
    Graphics Chipset AMD RadeonT HD 6520G Graphics
    Processor Model Number AMD A6-3400M
    Processor Speed (GHz) 2.3
    Processor Bus Speed (MHz) 400
    Hard Drive Capacity 640GB
    Memory Type DDR3
    Cache Memory 4MB

    2)Toshiba C660-1ZM Laptop (Intel Core i3, 6GB, 640GB, 15.6″ Display):
    Hard Drive Type 2.5″ SATA 5400rpm with 8MB Cache
    Memory Capacity 6GB
    Display & Graphics:
    Screen Size (in) 15.6
    Screen Type LCD
    Graphics Type Shared
    Graphics Chipset Intel HD graphics 3000
    Processor Intel® Core™ i3
    Processor Model Number Intel Core i3-2310M
    Processor Speed (GHz) 2.1
    Processor Bus Speed (MHz) 1333
    Hard Drive Capacity 640GB
    Memory Type DDR3
    Cache Memory 3MB

    could you please reply to me 1 or 2 it would be really great full thanks =)

  5. Vince says:

    Adam, do not touch the intel machine with an extended re-inforced barge pole. I thought going for the Intel machine would give me CPU performance for a minor graphical drop. I told the sales person i want to play WoW on it, and he said it should be fine.

    Even on the lowest settings, it played worse than my wife single core AMD machine. Barely playable.

    I took it back the same day, kicked up a fuss and replaced it with a similar machine to your AMD spec’ed machine. I play WoW on the setting above good and below ultra (can’t remember what its called)and its very playable.

    Intel integrated graphic are just as good as they where 5 years ago…. very very poor

  6. Stand against PC games says:

    Video games lead to addictions akin to the drug addiction. It makes children less interactive in society. Their quality of interaction with others is negatively affected. The health problems multiply. PC games are not like real games that where you derive physical benefits by being more physically active.

    Stand against PC games. Do not buy PC games for your kids – the same way you do not buy a Cigarette for your kids.

    1. Vincius Miguel says:

      That’s not true, if you have control of your kids, give them a real life then. Buy a pc that is good enough for games, make their mind work on it. But just don’t sit and wait for them to make some action, put them on some club, like football, tennis , basketball, swimming. If they dont have support, how can they discover alone? You are responsible for your kids, don’t blame games for that.

  7. mod says:

    Guys, this discussion is around processor performance. If you are really interested in things like this, you are welcome to head to the Forum – which is the right place to do this kind of thing.

  8. Silicon says:

    How does the Radeon HD 6520G compare with the Intel’s HD Graphics 4000 ?

  9. Jupiter of the sky says:

    Adam. I am a pc gamer (not so high budget) and base my purchase of computers according to gaming performance (probably not the best ideas, but has worked great so far) I would recommend the A6 APU. I currently have an:

    HP pavilion G6
    64bit win 7 ultimate
    A6 quad core APU 1.4 – 2.3 Ghz
    with radeon graphics 6520g.
    8GB RAM (memory)
    750 GB 5400rpm HDD

    compared it with an intel i5.
    It was an:

    HP pavilion dv6t
    i5 2.3 GHz
    64bit win 7 ultimate
    built in intel HD graphics
    (Beats audio)
    8GB RAM (memory)
    750 GB 5400 rpm HDD

    (all games tested with notebook native resolution (1366*768)

    overall for the A6 APU:

    -Skyrim hardware detection automatically sets to high quality.
    -Crysis 2 plays perfectly on gamer setting.
    -BFBC2 plays very well with most settings on high.
    -Dead space 2 runs on very high.(perfectly)
    -Bulletstorm runs with most settings on high(image is crispy)

    The A6 performed considerably higher (runs cooler than the i5) (supports anti-aliasing and vsync) than the i5. We installed the same games and applied the same settings, both systems set to high performance.

    I know that even with 6GB memory the system you described should run really well compared to the i3, as most games don’t require all that ram.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Joe says:

      That matches well with what I posted just a few minutes ago, before I read this one. Unless the laptop you’re looking at has a high-end laptop nVidia GPU, I’d always go with an A6 or higher AMD GPU (I’m beginning to see A10 AMD GPU’s now; when I bought my g7-1365dx at the end of January, A8 was the highest rating. Things change fast.) for a machine that you plan to do a fair bit of gaming on, or certainly video viewing. Guild Wars 2 is probably about the most graphics-needy game I will be playing on that machine; I reserve the more resource-hungry games for my desktop with its more powerful HD 6670. Both desktop and laptop, by the way, have 8 GB RAM, and the desktop has the FX-4100 quad CPU.

  10. nate says:

    so the

    “Acer Aspire 14″ Laptop featuring Intel Core i5-2450M (AS4752) – Black”

    will run diablo 3 and sc2 at high settings poorly?

  11. Joe says:

    I’m not sure where exactly the HD 6520G stacks up compared to the HD 6670 (my desktop GPU), but I do know that both of them can play the upcoming Guild Wars 2 quite well at good FPS rates, much better than the Intel HD Graphics 4000 which is quite prevalent in mid-range laptops. That’s good because I bought my laptop, an HP g7-1365dx with the AMD A6-3420M quad CPU, specifically to have a mobile machine capable of playing GW2. I got to test it fairly extensively during the last public beta weekend event and it plays on the HD 6520G quite comparably to the HD 6670.

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