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AMD Llano Architecture – the Fusion APU

The AMD’s Llano, alongwith the Zacate series of Accelerated Processing Unit (APUs) have been the saviours for AMD. While bulldozer completely failed to deliver, Llano was a great success. Let us take a look at the key points in Llano features before we go into the architecture details

– Great Integrated Graphics and gaming performance
– Low power
– Moderate Processor performance
– Moderate cost

Llano is built at the Global Foundaries 32 nm High K Metal process and encompass the AMD’s revamped K10.5 cores paired with Radeon HD GPU.

A quick note on comparison with Intel’s Sandy Bridge

Llano competes directly with the entry level Sandy Bridge processors. The Llano has a 2x advantage in the graphics and this is the most compelling reason to go for Llano. You may not need a separate discrete graphics or a separate graphics card.

In processor performance, the Llano is unable compete with the the high end Core i5 and Core i7 Sandy Bridge processors ( both in desktop as well as laptop segments). But it equals or betters most of the Core i3 processor, and again, the relative performance will depend upon which exact part you are comparing with.

If extreme CPU performance is your concern, you may probably side with Intel – with Core i5-2500K being their best selling processor. Llano could be your favorite for value notebook, desktop with better graphics and gaming.

In the next few pages will will focus on the Llano architecture starting with the weakness of the Llano – the processor core.

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