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AMD FM1 Socket

The FM1 socket is used by AMD’s Llano Desktop Processors. It is also used by Llano based Athlon ii branded processors. The socket is different from the previous AM3 socket that most of the earlier Athlon and Phenom processors used.

Since AMD also uses FM1 socket to sell  Athlon ii branded processor it creates some confusion. For example – while the Athlon ii 640 uses AM3 socket, the Athlon ii 641 uses FM1 socket.

Key Specifications

– 905 Pins
– 1.27 mm pitch

The specifications below are useful for you, if you are a Signal Integrity Expert designing the PCB board for FM1 socket

– Self-inductance of a single pin < 4 nH
– Loop inductance of two nearest pins < 3.3 nH
– Capacitance between two nearest pins < 1 pF

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