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AMD E1 6010 Vs Core i3

If you are looking for low power processors with decent graphics, AMD’s E1-6010 is one of the low cost options with you. It competes with the low end Intel’s Core i3 processors and in this blog we will discuss the advantages of the E1-6010 with respect to core i3.

The discussion will be based upon the video posted below.

While it is true that the processor performance of Intel’s core i3 outperform that of AMD’s E1-6010, the discussion will not be complete without the integrated graphics comparison. The E1-6010 comes with Radeon R2 series Graphics clocked at 350 MHz. The integrated graphics performance is somewhere between the HD Graphics (Bay Trail) and HD Graphics (Haswell). This processor is therefore not for gaming. You will not be able to play games even in low settings.

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