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AMD A8-3530MX the A-Series processor

AMD A8-3530MX processor comes under the mid-class high-performance category for the notebooks. Rich graphics capacity is the major quality with this processor like its “A8-series” family. It is true that the A8-series family is comparatively less powerful than A4 and A6 Series families. This AMD A-series A8-3530MX processor is a part of Mobile platform “Sabine” and this was launched newly in June 2011. This processor is based on the latest 32nm Llano core and AMD announced it as Accelerated processor APUs.

The protagonist AMD A8-3530MX processor is built on tweaked “Stars’ (K10) micro-architecture. This processor equipped well with 4 cores in it and each core enabled with dedicated 128KB L1 Cache and 1MB capacity L2 Cache. Its APU runs at 1.8GHz and capable enough to support same technologies as it does with earlier K10 microprocessors. This processor is enabled with AMD 64 virtualization and extension for instruction sets up to SSE3 and SSE4A. Turbo Core technology is completely a new feature that is added to this 3530MX. This Turbo Core can over clock the processor up to 2.5GHz, when APU works within thermal limitations and when some CPU cores were left idle.

High-performance Radeon HD 6620G Graphics processing unit is another new addition for the AMD A8-3530MX processor. This GPU is integrated successfully with the CPU cores. This GPU unit is famous for holding 400 shader units in it and runs at 444 MHz. These capacities are making this GPU capable enough at 3D graphics performance too. It will almost works like any other discreet video cards. The shader units will result as helpful for highly parallel calculations while dealing with non-graphical applications. The combined power of the 400 shader units is almost equals to 30 times higher than the four processor cores’ performance.

Few of the following additional components are special for AMD 3530MX:

• To accelerate decoding of standard-resolution and HD videos streams, this processor enabled with Universal Video Decoder 3.0 in it.
• DDR3 memory controller is used in this processor in integrate well with system RAM. This controller comes with two channels and supports standard-voltage memory with a data rate up to 1600 MHz and low-voltage memory up to 1333 MHz.

Low-power feature is very well improved with AMD A8-3530MX processor over the earlier generation “Danube” mobile processors. This APU is enabled well with many low-power states in it like the older models. Many low-level enhancements are incorporated well with this processor like power gratings. Thermal Design power of this processor is 45 Watt. This processor is manufactured in a PGA package to suit well with Socket FSI motherboards.

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