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AMD A8-3500M APU

There are few remarkable things about the A8-3500M APU which makes it suitable for mid range mobile computing. However, it will not match the performance of the quad Intel’s Core i7 mobile processors.  AMD A8-3500M, however, has been offered at lower prices and it competes successfully with  core i3 and some of the core i5 Sandy Bridge processors.

Key Features

1. It is a quad core processor with great processing power if process several threads at a time

2. The turbo frequency can rise to 2.4 GHz giving you great real life computing power. In real life computing you need a great amount of processing power for a short duration of time.

3. The Radeon HD 6620G graphics is great for most of your graphics needs as well as for entry level gaming.

Table : AMD A8-3500M Features and Specs

Feature AMD A8-3500M
Core Frequency 1.5 GHz
No. Of Cores 4
Cache Organization 4MB L2 Cache
Turbo Frequency 2.4 GHz
TDP Rating 35
64 Bit Support Y
Lithography 32nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3L-1333
Integrated Graphics Yes, Radeon HD 6620G

Table : AMD A8-3500M Benchmarking

Benchmarks AMD A8-3500M
PassMark Score 3089
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better) 81 s
3D Mark 06 CPU 2240
Windows 7 Experience Score 6.6

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