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AMD A6-3420M APU

The AMD’s A6-3420M is the newer APU that has become popular with the new notebook manufacturers. It has a modest performing quad core processor and a decent integrated graphics.

How does it compare with Intel’s Core i5’s ?

– In CPU performance the Intel’s Core i5’s , in general perform better than the A6-3420M. The exact performance difference will depend upon the exact model of the Core i5 processor you are comparing with. For example check out A6-3420M Vs Core i5-2430M discussion.

– However, the A6-3420M will provide better graphics performance with its Radeon HD 6520G, .

Table : AMD A6-3420M Features and Specs

AMD A6-3420M
Core Frequency 1.5 Ghz

No. Of Cores

Cache Organization
4 MB L2 cache

Turbo Frequency
2.4 Ghz

TDP Rating

64 Bit Support



Integrated Memory Controller

Integrated Graphics
Radeon HD 6520G, 320 shaders, 400 MHz

Table : AMD A6-3420M Benchmarking



AMD A6-3420M
PassMark Score  2321 ( May not be accurate)
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better)
3D Mark 06 CPU
Windows 7 Experience Score


Some more details of AMD A6-3420M

The AMD A6-3420M bumps up the clock frequency by 100 MHz. This should make it better performing than many of the Core i3 Sandy Bridge processor and brings it closer to some of the Core i5 Sandy Bridge processors. The Integrated Graphics in the A6-3420M is much better than the Intel’s HD Graphics 3000 and supports DirectX11. A great graphics at low power could be the best reason for you to consider A6-3420M

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