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AMD A6-3400M vs Core i3-2330M

AMD’s strategy has been to sell more core for same or lesser price performing better for a give price. The quad core A6-3400M seems to be doing exactly that and has been able to compete at least with the Sandy Bridge Core i3 processor. There are three reasons why AMD’s A6-3400M is faster and better than Core i3-2330M

1. The AMD A6-3400M supports Turbo boost feature missing in core i3-2330M.
2. The A6-3400M is quad core while Core i3-2330M is dual core. True, the core i3 has Hyperthreading, but it is not the same as the real additional cores.
3. AMD has done decent work with the integrated graphics in the Llano APUs. The Radeon HD 6520G integrated graphics in the A6-3400M put up something comparable to the Intel’s HD 3000.

Table : AMD A6-3400M Vs Core i3-2330M Feature Differences

Feature AMD A6-3400M Core i3-2330M
Core Frequency

1.4 Ghz 2.20 GHz
No. Of Cores
4 2 (4 Hyperthreads)
Cache Organization
4 MB L2 cache 3 MB L3 Smart Cache
Turbo Frequency
2.3 Ghz No Turbo

TDP Rating
35 35 Watts
64 Bit Support
32nm 32 nm
Integrated Memory Controller
DDR3-1333 DDR3-1333
Integrated Graphics
Yes, Radeon HD 6480G Yes, Base 650 MHz, Turbo 1.10 GHz

Table : AMD A6-3400M Vs Core i3-2330M Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks AMD A6-3400M Core i3-2330M
PassMark Score
3563 2712
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better)
35 Seconds 41.5 seconds

3D Mark 06 CPU
2136 2550
Windows 7 Experience Score
6.6 6.5

Some more details of AMD A6-3400M

The AMD A6-3400M is an entry level quad-core processor for notebooks. This is code named as Llano and released on June 15th of 2011. This processor comes under AMD A-Series. The base frequency of the processor is 1.4GHz only. Its Turbo Boost technology can over clock it up to 2.3 GHz, but this over clocking completely depends on temperature conditions and number of cores usage. This processor comes with integrated Radeon HD 6520G Graphics card and integrated memory controller that can support for DDR3 (L)- 1333 memory and a PCle 2.0 controller. The TD of this processor is 35 Watt.

Some more details of Core i3-2330M

The Core i3-2330M marginally improves upon the core i3-2310M and should therefore offer a performance improvement of the order of 4%. The turbo boost is not available with core i3-2330M which will reduce its performance as compared to the core i5 processors. The graphics performance is decent with Intel’s integrated graphics 3000.

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10 Response

  1. Ajit says:

    pls tell me which configuration to Buy..
    AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M
    • 2.3 GHz/1.4 GHz
    4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 (1 x 4 GB)
    AMD Radeon HD 6470M (1 GB DDR3 dedicated)

    2)Intel® Core™ i3-2330M
    • 2.2 GHz
    4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 (1 x 4 GB)
    AMD Radeon HD 6470M (1 GB DDR3 dedicated)

    ….pls guys help me which config is better!!!

    1. Michael says:

      I would go with the A6-3400M setup;

      You can Crossfire the 6470M with the integrated graphics in the APU.

  2. Venkat says:

    Hi Ajit,
    Few points:
    -Intel i3 2330m = Good CPU + Normal/weak GPU (Intel HD 3000)
    -AMD A6-3400m = Weak CPU + Good Integrated graphics(far better than Intel)

    So, In the above configuration, since you are going for discrete GPU, with Intel, it would be better. If you are not going for separate GPU, you may opt for AMD Quad Core A6.


  3. Prateek Saxena says:


    Im plannin to buy a laptop for personal use. Ive came across two laptops of HP same configuration i.e.
    AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M
    • 2.3 GHz/1.4 GHz
    4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 (1 x 4 GB)
    AMD Radeon HD 6470M (1 GB DDR3 dedicated)

    2)Intel® Core™ i3-2330M
    • 2.2 GHz
    4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 (1 x 4 GB)
    AMD Radeon HD 6470M (1 GB DDR3 dedicated)

    Im not that tech savy but ive some queries
    1) which configuration is better for playing games like call of duty, medal of honour etc.
    2) battery backup
    3) and reliable since i cant buy a laptop again in next 3 years.


  4. Lewd says:


    I think Venkat had given a good reply. With prices being equal the Core i3-2330M is slightly better since it has the same discrete graphics.

    In case of AMD’s solution you get slightly better GPU performance as both the Graphics combine.

    They are actually very close in performance. Take whichever is cheaper.

  5. rajya says:

    plz tell me which config to buy?
    buying for father. Usage – office, surfing, movies, youtube
    Prefer – one which performs for 4-5 years without much fuss

    1. Asus X Series X54H-SX227D Laptop – Indian Rupees 24k
    Processor 2nd Generation Core i3
    Variant 2310M
    Chipset Intel HM65
    Brand Intel
    Clock Speed 2.1 GHz
    Cache 3 MB
    System Memory 2 GB DDR3
    Graphic Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000

    2. Asus X Series X53TA-SX096D – Indian Rupees 27k
    Processor APU Quad Core
    Variant A6-3400M
    Brand AMD
    Clock Speed 1.4 Ghz
    Cache 4 MB
    System Memory 2 GB DDR3
    Dedicated Graphics Memory Type DDR3
    Dedicated Graphics Memory Capacity 1 GB
    Graphic Processor AMD Radeon HD 6650M

  6. admin says:


    If you plan to use this laptop for cutting edge, fast moving games – the second one is better.

    Otherwise the Asus X Series X54H-SX227D is a better as you save 3K and is enough for your purpose ( office, surfing, movies, youtube).

  7. rajya says:

    Thank you so much for your advice…i will go with i3 option then :)
    Just 1 more Qs please…never used ASUS but friends advised me that it is good. what do you say?

  8. admin says:

    Asus in general is good. But unfortunately my experience has not been as great.

    I had better experience with Sony Vaio ( My number 1 preference ). But then Sony Via is $100 or so more expensive here in US than the corresponding Asus brand with same specifications.

    All the notebooks are made of the same components, so it should not matter much. Sony puts a little more emphasis on the looks, polish and keyboards ( their raised keyboards are easy to type).

    I will suggest that you post your question in forum to get answer from wider public.

  9. rajya says:

    Thanks a lot :)))

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