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AMD A6-3400M – the quad core processor

AMD A6-3400M AMD A6-3400M Vs Core i3-2310M AMD A6-3400M Vs Core i5-2410M Radeon HD 6520G

Table : AMD A6-3400M Features and Specs

Feature AMD A6-3400M
Core Frequency 1.4 Ghz
No. Of Cores 4
Cache Organization 4 MB L2 cache
Turbo Frequency 2.3 Ghz
TDP Rating 35
64 Bit Support Y
Lithography 32nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3L-1333
Integrated Graphics Yes, Radeon HD 6480G

Table : AMD A6-3400M Benchmarking

Benchmarks AMD A6-3400M
PassMark Score 3563
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better) 35 Seconds
3D Mark 06 CPU 2136
Windows 7 Experience Score 6.6

AMD’s A6-3400M is quad core Llano APU, with its processor cores clocked nominally at 1.4 GHz. Just 1.4 GHz, you may ask – that was the speed processors used to have a decade ago. What happened to the Moore’s law ? Are we progressing in clock speed or going back.

Very true questions. This processor was released only recently in June 2011 and the speed is just 1.4 GHz. Ok. Ok. The speed is 1.4 GHz but before you write off this processor, you may like to note few things. First, the 1.4 GHz is only the base clock frequency. The processor can actually run all way upto 2.3 GHz, using its turbo feature. What exactly is turbo feature in the A6-3400M ?

With the turbo feature the processor increases its frequency based upon demand. If there is no demand it remain at its based clock 1.4 GHz. If the demand for the processing power increases the clock frequency ramps up to 2.3 GHz.

Why can not we have this processor always running at 2.3 GHz ? Why to un necessarily complicate the things ? Normally 1.4 GHz and turbo at 2.3 GHz ?

Very good question. So let me agree with you and make the processor run at 2.3 GHz continuously. The problem with that approach is this. The processor will generate too much of heat. The temperature generated may be beyond the specification. You can run at 2.3 GHz – but only for a couple or so minutes. Then the processor needs some time to cool off.

I heard that processor is a wrong term to use for A6-3400M. Yes you are right here. AMD prefers the term Accelerated Processing unit or APU in short. The APU denotes the fusion of the processor and the graphics in a single chip. The unification leads to lower system cost, lower overall power consumption and better graphics processing capability for a low cost system. A discrete graphics component or a graphics card would have been more expensive.

The integrated graphics unit is based upon the Radeon HD 6250G. It is clocked at 400 MHz.

Few more things that you want to know about this processor. Its integrated memory controller runs upto DDR3-1333. It has 4 MB of L2 Cache. This covers the most important parameters that you may have liked to know. There are other features that we dont want to cover here. You can check the specifications for that.

So what are the benchmarking results and how does it compare to other processors ? – Well the super pi 1M takes 36 seconds. That is all I have for now. Look for users comment as more people post the benchmarking results.

Further Suggested Reading

– We strongly recommend that you take a look at AMD’s Llano Architecture. The A6-3400M belongs to this architecture.

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  1. supremelord says:

    Can you draw a AMD A6-3400M Vs core i3 and AMD A6-3400M Vs core i5 comparision ?

  2. Lenny says:

    I overclock my A6 -3400 to 3.07Ghz.

    I use k10stat. Set at 30FID 1DIV 1.2750V
    Under heavy loads the temp shoots up in the 70s and the fan kicks in.

    Idles in the 50s(not much more than base settings).

    Makes a BIG difference..Maybe 2~3X faster than stock in some cases.

    1. Mohit says:

      Hi Lenny,
      Im using the same processor- a6-3400m. Can u pls tel me that what temp. should i set if i want to overclock it to 2.3ghz (all 4 cores at the same time)?????

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