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AMD A4-3400 Vs Intel Core i3-2100

The AMD’s A4-3400 is a low cost ( sub $70 ) processor, and it may not be fair to compare it with the Intel’s core i3-2100 ( priced at $129, at the time of writing). The A4-3400 is clocked at 2.7 GHz ( Vs 3.1 GHz for core i3-2100). In overall Core i3-2100 leads in performance by decent margin.

The A4-3400 is therefore suitable only for entry level desktop computing. The A6 and A8 processors from AMD’s Llano desktop series are more powerful, and compete with core i3 Intel processors in performance as well as price.

Look at the Passmark score comparison of the A4-3400 Versus Core i3-2100. Notice that the passmark score is not accurate for the A4-3400 at the time of writing, because of the smaller number of samples. Passmark reports a score of 2163 for A4-3300 while a score of 2013 for A4-3400 – obviously something is wrong here. We expected the score for the A4-3400 to be higher than the score for A4-3300.

Nonetheless, it points to the fact the Intel’s Core i3-2100 takes a significant lead over core i3-2100.

Notice that while the A4-3400 lags in processor performance it leads significantly in the integrated  graphics performance.

Table : AMD A4-3400 Vs Core i3-2100 Feature Differences

Feature AMD A4-3400 Core i3-2100
Core Frequency
2.7 GHz 3.10 GHz
No. Of Cores
2 ( No Hyperthreading) 2 (4 Hyperthreads)
Cache Organization
1 MB L2 cache 3 MB L3 Smart Cache
Turbo Frequency None No Turbo
TDP Rating
65 Watts 65 Watts
64 Bit Support
32nm 32 nm
Integrated Memory Controller
DDR3-1600 DDR3-1333
Integrated Graphics
HD 6410D, 600 MHz Yes, Base 850 MHz, Turbo 1.10 GHz


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