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Acer Iconia Tab A500 Vs Apple iPad 2

Acer Iconia Tab is available at amazon and and bestbuy at a price of $349 or a full $150 less than the Apple’s iPad 2. It is therefor worthwhile to compare the two tablets to see which one provides better value for money.

1. First the display quality- This is where Iconic Tab A500 is no match for the Apple iPad2. The iPad 2 has set a very high standard in display quality. This review is based upon the “casual” look of the two pads side by side. Even after trying different display setting ( increasing the brightness) on the Iconia Tab A500 it did not match the iPad’s crisp color – Its still images are still – as if it is a portrait.

2. The Iconia Tab A500 has a USB port and it is not a just a tiny USB connector – it is a regular size USB Connector in which you can plug in the your USB Flash Drive and transfer the data between the Tablet and the USB drive. Or you can take an external USB Hard disk and transfer the data. Practically any USB device can be hooked to the Iconia Tab A500. Not so for the the iPad 2 unless you buy a $30 adapter. So the Iconia A500 saves you not just $150, but a full $180

Just imagine – you can use a regular USB Keyboard – should you need to type something fast.

3. Micro SD card slot are cheap and there is a slot where you can add a cheap SD card ( You can get a 16 GB card for just $30 or so).

4. HDMI Port – The Iconia Tan A500 comes with an “In Built HDMI Port” – watch the content of your Iconia on your TV. With iPad 2 – you need to buy a separate adapter for $39. Additionally the Iconica A500 has the same aspect ratio as the HDTV – so you do not loose anything because of the difference in aspect ratio.

5. Simplicity and Applications – Apple has an edge over the Acer here. The icons are neatly organized in rows and columns. There are plenty of Applications available , though , most important iPad Apps has an Android equivalent.

6. The Iconia Tab A500 has Tegra 2 processor which is substantially better than the Apple A5 processor in the Apple iPad 2. Nvidia has take advantage of its graphics expertise and you will notice the difference if you happen to play games.

7. The Iconia has poorer battery life as compared to the iPad 2. Under similar configurations, Iconia A500 will last 6 and a half hour ( though still not bad), as compared to over iPad 2’s battery life of over 10 hours. You need to pay the price for a better processor that demands more power.

In general, we feel that Iconia Tab A500 gives you better bang for money. If you can live with the display quality, Apple iPad 2 is not match for the A500, especially, at the price at which it is offered.

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