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Q1 2013 Annual results AMD Versus Intel

As we write the financial comparisons of the two biggest computer chip rival, we noticed that the Q2, 2013 has just passed. Intel and AMD will be posting their financials for the Q2, 2013 in a month or so. It is therefore time to look at their performance for the previous quarter.

As we had noticed earlier, the gap between the Intel and AMD has been widening for a long time in Intel’s favor. We define the gap as the ratio of the sales of Intel and sales of AMD.

AMD, according to its quarterly reports, has sales of 1.088 bn and a net loss of 146 millions. By comparison it had tatal revenue of $1.585 bn in the same quarter a year ago.

Intel on the other hand has sales of 12.58 bn and a net income of 2.045 billion.

Table : Annual Revenue, Intel Vs AMD

Year Intel AMD Ratio of Intel to AMD Revenue

2008 $37.568 bn $5.808 bn 6.47
2009 $35.127 bn $5.403 bn 6.5
2010 $43.623 bn $6.494 bn 6.72
2011 $53.999 bn $6.568 bn 8.22
1H 2012 $26.40 bn $3.00 bn 8.80
Q3 2012 $13.50 bn $1.27 bn 10.63
Q4 2012 $13.50 bn $1.16 bn 11.63
Q1 2013 $12.58 bn $1.088 bn 11.56

We see that the gap between the Intel and AMD has stabilized and has become slightly better compared to previous quarter in favor of AMD. Two significant design wins ( Microsoft’s latest Xbox and Sony’s Playstation) can turn the thing significantly in favor of AMD in the Q3 2013. We do not expect any that AMD made any huge gain in revenue in Q2 2013. The Temash looks good but it is a low cost and generated low profit.

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