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Intel i3-3110M vs AMD A4-3300M

The Intel’s Core i3-3110M belongs to its Ivy Bridge Series launched in April 2012 while AMD’s A4-3300M is AMD’s Trinity Accelerated Processing Unit ( APU).The new term APU coined by AMD was to emphasize the Graphics Acceleration provided by its integrated graphics. But in reality, Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor provide the same functionality with its own Integrated graphics. We do not loose anything if we call them both CPU – keeps the things simple.

The Core i3-3110M is a dual core processor clocked at 2.40 GHz while AMD’s A4-3300M is a quad core clocked lower at 1.40 GHz. Intel is much better in single threading processes ( when only one core is utilized). AMD catches up Intel in multithreading environment where all 4 of its core are put into used. In overall Intel’s processor will provide slightly better performance than the AMD. Of course, for entry level computing scenario, like, web browsing, document editing, emails and other similar light load tasks, the difference will be hard to notice.

Table : Feature Differences

Feature Core i3-3110M AMD A6-3400M
Core Frequency 2.4 GHz 1.4 GHz
No. Of Cores 2/4 Hyperthreads 4
Cache Organization 3 MB L3 4 MB L2 cache
Turbo Frequency None 2.3 GHz
TDP Rating 35 Watts 35
64 Bit Support Y Y
Lithography 22 nm 32nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3-1600, DDR3L-1333 DDR3-1333
Integrated Graphics HD 4000, 650 MHz Base, 1100 MHz Turbo Radeon HD 6520G, 320 shaders, 400 MHz

Give the heterogeneously different architecture, it is difficult to arrive at quick conclusion. We therefore will look at their benchmark results in the next post.

Some more details of Core i3-3110M

The Core i3-3110M belongs to the Ivy Bridge series and is great for entry to mid level computing. While is is slightly inferior to the Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy Bridge, it comes with the same integrated graphics – HD Graphics 4000 ( as in Core i5 and Core i7). Architectural improvement provides 10% performance advantage over the similarly clocked Core i3 Sandy bridge processors, while providing 50% advantage in the integrated graphics. We also get native support for PCI Express 3.0 and USB 2.0

Some more details of AMD A6-3400M

The AMD A6-3400M is an entry level quad-core processor for notebooks. This is code named as Llano and released on June 15th of 2011. This processor comes under AMD A-Series. The base frequency of the processor is 1.4GHz only. Its Turbo Boost technology can over clock it up to 2.3 GHz, but this over clocking completely depends on temperature conditions and number of cores usage. This processor comes with integrated Radeon HD 6520G Graphics card and integrated memory controller that can support for DDR3 (L)- 1333 memory and a PCle 2.0 controller. The TD of this processor is 35 Watt.

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