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AMD Radeon HD 7670M Vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M

The Radeon HD 7670M from AMD and GT 630m from Nvidia are two of the popular mid power notebook graphics. Unlike the desktops, the graphics in notebooks are pre decided by notebook manufactures and you either have one or the other but can not really change them once you own them. This scenario is different from the desktop where an external graphics card, typically on PCI Express slot can be upgraded or replaced over time. Honestly, a desktop gaming system has a much longer life as CPU power has matured to a point where you do not really need any more CPU power. Graphics power requirement, on the other hand scales with the newer versions of the games requiring more processing power or with the increase in display resolution. Basically it depends upon the degree you mind gets spoiled with newer and higher resolution display / graphics.

It is in the light that a choice of the notebook graphics be made judiciously. You will need to make an intelligent guess of the kind of the graphics power required for the games that you wish to play.

Both these graphics were originally manufactured with 40 nm technology, but it looks like nVidia decided to tune their process to 28 nm which brings lower power advantage, that makes it significant for laptops. From performance perspective the Lithography process does not change the performance.

The Memory – The Radeon HD 7670m comes in two versions – a slower clocked Thames-Pro with GDDR5 memory and a faster clocked Thames-XT with DDR4 memory. The GeForce GT 630m comes with DDR3 memory support.

Both of them support Direct X 11 but have totally different architectures to the extent that one to one comparison of the number of cores and clock frequency renders meaningless. We will therefore rely upon the benchmark results and gaming fps followed by conclusion next three posts.

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  1. Allison says:

    Another excellent post. But you could have posted the Benchmark and the list of the games that could be played in this page itself rather than having to click the next button.

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