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Intel Core i3-4130 Vs Core i3-3220

The Intel core i3-4130 belongs to the newer Haswell Series while the Core i3-3220 is older Ivy Bridge processor. The newer Haswell architecture speeds up by about 7% for the same clock frequency.

The Core i3-4130 has 100 MHz higher clock frequency than the i2-3220 ( 3.4 GHz Vs 3.3 GHz).


The 3% higher clock frequency and a better architecture translates into a 10% processor performance improvement for the Haswell i3-4130. In real life, however, do not expect that all applications will benefit by this performance improvement. Only when your application pushes the processor performance requirement, you will be able to notice the difference in performance.



The Integrated graphics performance, however, improves significantly in the Haswell, bringing close to 1.5x performance improvement. While it is still short of being able to allow you to play cutting age games, the graphics performance is smoother and you can play some entry level games at lower resolution and medium to low settings.

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