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3DMark 06 CPU Benchmarking

3DMark 06 Benchmarking software

3DMark 06 is a benchmarking tool released primarily for the graphics benchmarking, especially for the DirectX 9 benchmarking. Over the period of time the graphics arena move forward and the graphics benchmarking section became obsolete with the release of the DirectX 10 and DirectX 11.

The 3DMark 06 benchmarking also has a CPU benchmarking section. The CPU benchmarking section is still a great tool for benchmarking your processors ( single core as well as dual and multicore processor). If you need to compare two processors, the 3DMark 06, CPU benchmarking tool comes handy.

The basic edition of the 3DMark 06 can be downloaded from here . It is a big ( 500+ Megabytes) and will typically take a little over an hour on a typical broadband dowbload ( Your mileage may vary).

We have created two special sections in the forum where you can report your 3DMark 06 CPU score and also compare it with the 3DMark 06 Score reported by others.

Report your 3DMark 06 CPU Score for Desktop processors.
Report your 3DMark 06 CPU Score for Notebook Processors.

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