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2012 iPad graphics, resolution and battery life

The newer 2012 iPad comes at the same entry level price as the iPad 2 at its launch time in 2011. The newer iPad does not see any change in the CPU section of its processor but the graphics section of its processor now has 4 cores (iPad 2 had 2 cores in its graphics section) .   We get a display with pixel count 4 times that of the iPad 2. Apple has been able to maintain the same battery life even while the current consumption increases substantially.

Let us take a quick look at what is new in the 2012 iPad with respect to the older iPad2

How exactly Apple changed in the iPad3 graphics and how does it perform ? Read next.

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  1. No Jobs says:

    This looks a bit weird. Not because why it did not christened it iPad 3, but because, why then, it had chosen to name the previous version as iPad 2 ? Moving forward it will lead to chaos and confusion, at least for a couple of more years. Think of someone selling his iPad on Craigslist in 2014. What does the iPad word mean – is it is iPad built in 2010 ? or the one built in 2012 ? Or may be it is iPad 2 – the one that belongs to 2011.

    It looks like Apple realises its mistake of naming iPad 2 which it corrects in the 2012 release. This makes its strategy same as the one adapted for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. There is no model name to differentiate one release model from the other – at least publically. In an era, where processors get obsolete in less than 2 year, this strategy creates some confusion to common users and uncomfort to the technologically informed readers and buyers. But then it is Apple’s say and fewer people complain when it delivers what people wan

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