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2012 iPad bottomline

The latest 2012 iPad is in line with Apple’s motto for a design “for users” and has cautiously stayed away from the processor benchmark and CPU performance hypes. In the end it the latest iPad lifts the bar of the display quality which other Android makers will find difficult to achieve at a price that Apple offers its iPad.

The high resolution display comes with its own manufacturing challenges. The chance of a single dot pixel error increases by at least 4. Apple had to increase the battery capacity by 70% to meet the same battery life as was the previous iPad 2. This just goes on to show the challenges that comes with higher resolution and demanding graphics. Other Tablet manufacturers will feel the heat. The advantage with Apple is the high volume that it can leverage to reduce its cost to a point other Tablet manufacturer will find hard to meet.

In future the challenge with Apple will be to keep working on delivering the GPU and CPU that takes lesser power while delivering exceeding or delivering performance it promises. Just think of the battery life of the iPad 2 with the battery that comes with the newer 2012 iPad ? It could deliver 17 hours of battery life – and this is something users would have deeply appreciated.

From the perspective of an active user, programmers and someone who need to generate contents ipad is a as dismal as it was. The lack of interoperability with other eco system is a major drawback. iPad does not do what Macbook Air and Mabbook Pro does and Vice versa. Depending up which one is more useful to you, you end up liking one or the other. The Macbooks, unfortunately has skyrocket prices making them prohibitive for most in a down economy.

Apple divides iOS and OS X as two different entities – something the Windows 8 with its metro UI challenges with it integrated operating system approach. It is a much better platform for technologists and content generators. Windows 8 has the same base code for the desktop/ laptops as the well as the Tablets. Just think of the inter interoperability of documents, programs between a Windows 8 Tablets and the notebook and the benefits that it brings with it. A Windows 8 platform is a technologist delight in the same way as the 2012 iPad is a consumers delight who relishes in youtube, photo, facebook and document reading. If you have waited so far, you may like to wait a bit to see how the Windows 8 tablets come up. It will not be until before Q3 2012 before you will be able to see one.

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