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2012 iPad 3 processor benchmark surfaces is one of the first website that posted the latest CPU benchmark of the 2012 iPad 3. Although iPad 3 is not the official name, we will continue to use it along with the year of release to differentiate it from iPad 2 and the 2010 iPad.

The benchmark confirms that the latest iPad comes with 1 GHz processor and has 1 GB of RAM. Officially, Apple did not reveal any information about the processor clock – it just says A5X processor.

The Geekbench Score of the new iPad stands at 756, slightly higher than the 749 score of the iPad2. The higher 1 GB memory may have played its role in marginally increasing the benchmark score.

This confirms that the only upgrade is in the integrated graphics where the GPU now has four cores in place of two cores. Juicing up the GPU was essential, mandated by the increased screen resolution.

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