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2012 iPad 3 disapponts with A5X processor

There are only basic and minimal changes in the processor part. While there has been a lot of rumors. According to rumors and guess by Anand Lal Shimpi from Anandtech, the new processor was to be built with 32 nm Lithography making an advancement from the 45 nm used in the A5 processors. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The A5X was still built with 32 nm as confirmed by the independent sources.

Moving to 32 nm could potentially made the processor ( and may be graphics) cores run at lower voltage, mitigating part of the battery life mishaps that we saw.

There has been no change in the processor cores. Actually, a pair of Cortex A9 at 1 GHz is still good enough for iPad and, frankly we do not see any reason of further improvement. But moving from a pair of A9 to a pair of Cortex A15 plus A7, should bring about some decent improvement and possibly some power saving advantage, if Apple could move to 32 nm or 28 nm.

The integrated graphics using PowerVR SG543 has double the number of cores. While the number of the pixels has quadrupled, doubling the number of GPU cores partially solves the problem. But again, there are too few games available for the newer iPad resolution.

Possibly Apple could save this minor bump in processor and could have invested its time and energy in dual cortex A15 plus PowerVR series 6 Rogue based graphics.

The last major change in the new A5X is that Apple has done away with the Package on Package ( PoP) approach with respect to Memory. The new iPad now has larger 1 GB Memory external to memory in place of 512 MB of PoP memory on A5 processor in iPad 2.

But, while Apple disappointed on processor side, it did some decent upgrade on the rear camera side. Continue reading.

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