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1H 2012 AMD Vs Intel Financial update

As we are well into the second half of 2012, let us look back into the financial healths of AMD and Intel in the 1st half of 2012. As we had reported earlier – the gap between Intel and AMD is widening ( we measured the gap by way of ratio of the Intel revenue versus AMD revenue).

The table below provides a quick update on the revenue for the two quarters of 2012 and the 1H 2012.

Table : Q1 and Q2 revenue, Intel Vs AMD

Year Intel AMD Ratio of Intel to AMD Revenue
Q1, 2012 $12.9 bn $1.59 bn 8.11
Q2, 2012 $13.5 bn $1.41 bn 9.57
1H 2012 $26.4 bn $3.00bn 8.80

In the 2011, the ratio of the Intel to AMD revenue stood at 8.22. This has ballooned to 8.80 in the 1H 2012. The ratio has been steadily increasing since 2008, when the ratio was 6.47.

Table : Annual Revenue, Intel Vs AMD

Year Intel AMD Ratio of Intel to AMD Revenue
2008 $37.568 bn $5.808 bn 6.47
2009 $35.127 bn $5.403 bn 6.5
2010 $43.623 bn $6.494 bn 6.72
2011 $53.999 bn $6.568 bn 8.22
1H 2012 $26.40 bn $3.00 bn 8.80

With the launch of the Ivy Bridge Intel also positioned itself better, especially since it improved a lot in the integrated graphics area. Haswell in 2013 will close most of the gap and the competitive advantage that AMD has now.

Rory Reed has a difficult task ahead.

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4 Response

  1. OracleofOhama says:

    Apple can buy AMD with just 6 weeks of its profit. Once know for its struggling power, AMD;s very survival is in question.

    Sometimes I wonder why they dont file for bankruptcy.

  2. dividend says:

    Why would AAPL buy AMD ? It does not make sense. Apple’s main biz is in Smartphones and the Tablets – so yeah an ARM processor manufacturer or may be embedded graphics company like Imagination technologies can be on its Radar.

    May be Samsung can buy AMD. That is the only company known for gruelling the engineers to deliver.

  3. sushi says:

    All US engineers will leave if Samsung buys AMD. Samsung is known to insert big heavy rod in the rear of engineers.

    US engineers can’t take it.

  4. Noob says:

    If you look at Nvidia’s Q2, 2012 results, it stands at $1.04 billion, not too behind the AMD’s 1.41 billion.

    Both Nvidia and AMD work on low margins and have some overlapping biz in terms of desktop GPU market – which is not growing.

    Nvidia has low margin in Tegra sphere. AMD has low ( may be non existent) margin in its entry level APUs.

    Their near future look ok, but how they will survive 5 years from now is not clear. Things move fast in CPU biz. At one time Nvidia looked great when Tegra 2 launched. Over the time, it became clear – it was not. The profit margin was too low.

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